Passers-by dial number to order snowfall on demand.

Hackney Council in London came up with a clever Christmas campaign last month that allowed passers-by to “order” a fresh snowfall straight from their phones. This was the flagship of the Make Hackney Sparkle campaign, an event held during the festive season.


Posters were put up on Rivington Street in London that encouraged pedestrians to check-in using Foursquare or dial a private number, but were not told what was going to happen after they did so. Those that dared to dial were rewarded with (real) falling snow-flakes and  the song “Let It Snow” by Dean Martin on their phone.

The stunt was made possible with unique software and electronics, along with five snow cannons that were placed on the roof of various buildings on the street. Hackney Council was pleased with the ecstatic reactions, noticing that “hipsters smiled, average dates became magical and Christmas wishes came true.”

The biggest shift in consumer behavior is guided by smart phones and all they enable – be it social, local or mobile. Time and location based media are growing. An array of (often free) MOBILE apps are available to leverage digital maps and social recommendations to real world locale.

With the advent of always-on and ubiquitous internet access, and ever-increasing digitization – our actual and virtual lives are starting to blend in to one.

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