Graphic Anarchy from Axe Bodyspray in the U.S.

Graphic novels and comics loom large in mainstream youth culture, thanks in part to the rise of geek culture, the continued popularity of Manga and the discovery by film studios that comic book characters can become big box office stars…
graphic anarchy

To promote its new fragrance range for men and women, Axe has turned to graphic novels and the imagination of its fans to produce a crowd-sourced online comic that is worlds away from the “wear this scent, get more girls” theme usually employed. New chapters will appear every few days and fans will even get the chance to star in the strip.

TVCs show men and women falling for one another amidst total chaos coupled with the crowd-sourced digital comic project. Every few days, new chapters will be put up online with plot turns based partly on consumer suggestions and votes, and with some fans being depicted in the comic.

Axe’s place in youth culture is evidenced by its 74% US market share, 2.3 million Facebook likes and now, the 46,000 conversations about Graphic Anarchy.


The Internet has given customers ever-increasing powers to research, compare, and review brands, enabling both good and bad customer experiences to be broadcast to the world. This is proving challenging for many companies, who’ve always exercised so much control over their brand messages.
But many brands are harnessing the power of the Internet and “social proof” by optimizing user-generated content (UGC). These are the brands that understand the power of co-creating their brand together with consumers and tapping into the creativity of their fans.

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