Jaguar’s F-Type Short Fim

An ad touting excellent gas mileage or a turbo-powered engine or a spectacularly designed exterior isn’t enough to sell a car these days. What you need, apparently, is a narrative of cinematic proportions. Throw in an of-the-moment actor and an original song by a buzzy artist, and you’ve got Jaguar’s short film for the F-Type convertible.

Jaguar F Type
The 15-minute branded film from agency Brooklyn Brothers and Ridley Scott’s RSA Films, titled Desire, won’t be out for the foreseeable future. But this week, after releasing several behind-the-scenes featurettes—something that’s becoming increasingly common for even the lowliest ads—Jaguar has unveiled a full teaser trailer. It stars Homeland actor Damian Lewis (also a Brit, which we’ve hopefully all figured out by now) and Shannyn Sossamon (who you probably last saw in 2001′s A Knight’s Tale), and even features an original song, aptly titled “Burning Desire,” by pretty, dead-eyed warbler Lana Del Rey.
Via AdWeek

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